Can My Carpet Be Repaired?|Fullerton Carpet Repairs

Can My Carpet Be Repaired?|Fullerton Carpet Repairs

Carpet repairs are one of MJM’s specialty services. With everyday wear and tear that our carpets get, seams can separate or our carpet starts looking loose and gets a ripple effect.. Carpet damage which leads many people to believe their only option is to purchase new carpet. However, our high quality professional carpet repair service is a great alternative and it won’t cost you the expense of new carpet, pad and installation. Professional repairs will leave your carpet looking as good as new. MJM’s professional team offers: Large and small patching, power stretching for loose carpet and ripples, seaming repair, stains & spots removed and patched. Services for residential and commercial customers.

Some of the causes of carpet damage we can repair include cigarette burns, pet damage, ripped, shredded or loose carpet. We are also able to repair carpet holes, re-seam joints, snags, rips and carpet edges. Loose carpet that is wavy or rippled can be fixed with our amazing “power stretcher.” The power stretcher is an essential tool for smoothing out wall-to-wall carpet. This is because carpeting is not just laid onto the floor, it’s actually stretched and hooked onto tack strips along the edges so the carpet backing is taut. This enable the carpet to lie flat without lumps, or bumps. If you have a problem with your carpet then contact us before replacing it. In most cases we will be able to provide an effective and affordable fix.

Burns, tears, cuts and wear areas to carpet can be repaired using a variety of professional carpet repair methods. We patch, plug and re-seam carpets to the highest professional standards. Larger areas of damage can be plugged using spare carpet or carpet taken from inside your closet. Once repaired most will last as long as the life of the carpet.

For professional carpet repairs call MJM Carpet Cleaning at 800-611-7871. Or visit our website at

MJM proudly serves Yorba Linda, Fullerton, Placentia, Brea and all surrounding areas.

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