Professional Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Portable Carpet Cleaning. | Mission Viejo

Professional Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Portable Carpet Cleaning. | Mission Viejo

What is the major difference between a portable carpet cleaning machine and a truck mounted unit that a professional company would  use?  Most all professional carpet cleaning companies offer both.

While a cleaner can do a good job with either machine it is easier to do a good job with the larger truck mounted unit. The truck mount is larger and is run of a gasoline engine, therefore, has a lot more power. This power helps to flush out the soil with a high pressure pump. The increased power also means more vacuum. This means more soil extraction and a dryer carpet. The truck mount also has a superior heater compared to a portable. More heat makes it easier to clean out the dirtiest of traffic patterns. Another drawback is a portable unit has a lot less power to clean and extract the liquid.

Truck mount cleaning equipment cannot serve places like high rise building, multi story apartments or condos. They are restricted by the length of cleaning hoses which a high rise would require more than 200 feet of hose. In that case the only option then would be to use a portable carpet cleaning machine.

Portables, however, do have their own problems, including constant emptying and refilling, particularly on floors that may not provide access to water or a janitors closet. You might have to go to another floor to empty and refill which adds time.  Carpet cleaning services that primarily use truck mount equipment will also offer portable units too. 

Also keep in mind that the portable carpet cleaning unit used by a professional carpet cleaning company does more effective cleaning than the portable units you rent at the grocery store. The technician will know the correct cleaning solutions that should be used to insure no damage is done to your carpet.

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