Rental Carpet Cleaners vs. Professional Carpet Cleaners |Brea, CA

Rental Carpet Cleaners vs. Professional Carpet Cleaners |Brea, CA

There are many reasons you may want to rent a supermarket carpet cleaner. From pet accidents to spills, dirt and liquid build up that can cause unsightly stains, discoloration and even nasty odors.  Rental carpet cleaners can now be found in most hardware and supermarkets. They usually rent for a 24-48 hour period and this is where time comes into play.  In order to rent one of these carpet cleaning machines, you have to pick it up, load into your car, drive home , set it up and figure out how to operate it, where the carpet cleaning fluid goes, test an area for colorfastness and so on. You could then spend many hours trying to clean your carpet or attempt to remove stains.  Dispose of the dirty wastewater in the machine. Once finished then you have to return it to wherever you rented it from.

In total, you could have spent more than half a day of your precious time. Keep in mind the cost of your gas, rental of the machine somewhere in the neighborhood of $29.00 for 24 hours and the chemical approximately $20.00 per gallon. Right there you probably have spent more money and time on cleaning your carpet than it would have for a professional carpet cleaning company,  then why would you rent a machine? Your time is important don’t waste it cleaning a carpet and running the risks of damaging it. MJM’s trained technicians are highly skilled and competent in all aspect of Carpet, Upholstery and Floor Cleaning.

USING TOO MUCH WATER – Renting a carpet cleaning machine requires water to operate. So you fill the reservoir tank to the level marker with water, switch it on and commence the cleaning cycle. But how quickly do you need to move, how much water do you need to use? How much of the chemicals do you mix?  Are the chemicals even safe to use? There is no way of telling, which is why over soaking of the carpet is a common issue and probably the biggest mistake people make. Too much water will result in “a brown out” or in other words it turns your carpet brown. Mold and mildew could grow along with a host of health problems. All of this from trying to clean your own carpets. Hundreds of people have rented out the machine you are now holding in your hands. Does anyone bother to clean out the rented unit before they return it? Or do people just return it full of dirt, hair, animal urine and other nasty things. Bottom line, it just isn’t worth it. With MJM’s  professionally trained carpet cleaners all the above can be avoided.

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