The Beauty Of Fine Rugs|Placentia Fine Rug Cleaning

The Beauty Of Fine Rugs|Placentia Fine Rug Cleaning

Fine rugs are a wonderful addition to any home. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns make a statement. Some fine rugs are passed down from generation to generation some of the patterns tell a story.
Meaning of symbols: These are just a few and how they relate: Ram Horns = male fertility, Deer = well being, Bats = happiness, Stag = long life, Duck = faithful marriage.
Meaning of colors: Red: wealth, courage, beauty, White: purity and cleanliness, Blue: the afterlife, solitude and truth. Black: mourning or destruction. Brown: fertility, Yellow: power and glory, joy, the sun. Where do the dyes come from? All dyes used in Oriental rugs are extracted from natural resources such as plants and insects to obtain the color to dye the wool.
What is the best way to care for fine rugs? A weekly vacuum in the direction of the pile paying special attention not to tangle the fringe. Try to keep your rug out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. Only trust your Oriental rug cleaning to a professional that specializes in fine rugs. Trying to clean rugs yourself is risky you don’t want to damage a delicate rug in any way or have color bleeding. The professional cleaner will test the rug to make sure it is colorfast then place the rug in a water bath with appropriate gentle cleaners, the water is gently pushed through the rug to loosen the dirt. The cleaning gently penetrates deep into the pile of the rug, extracting dust and dirt. The rug is then hung in a drying room. The finished product is a rug that feels soft and luxurious showcasing the vibrant colors once again.

Rug Bath

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