What are the advantages of Carpet Stain Protector?|Fullerton Carpet Stain Protector

What are the advantages of Carpet Stain Protector?|Fullerton Carpet Stain Protector

A professionally applied carpet stain protector will help prolong the life of your carpet. A protector can be applied not just to freshly cleaned carpets also can be applied to freshly cleaned upholstery and drapes. Using a simple process and invisible barrier is applied over the carpet surface to give a highly effective result. The anti-stain treatment is applied using a spray which settles on top of the pile where it takes full effect in a short time. Once your carpets are dry , the anti-stain film starts to work discouraging dirt from becoming ingrained in the carpet. The treatment keeps spills on the top of the carpet rather than penetrating through the pile, you will simply be able to mop it up with a damp cloth. When you apply protection to the carpet you are essentially coating the fibers, just as the cooking pan is coated with the same teflon.

Benefits of carpet stain protection:

  • It prevents dirt and stain from being absorbed by the carpet fibers.
  • Provides and invisible barrier when spills and accidents occur.
  • Refreshes the performance of the carpets that have already been treated.
  • Protects your investment.
  • Accidental spills are easier to clean up
  • Carpet will stay 4 to 5 times cleaner with it than without.
  • Safe for family and pets.

What are the most popular brands of carpet protector? 3M Scotchgard and Dupont Teflon. According to 3M Scotchgard their product “Repels, Resists and Protects your carpet. These products provide a protective shield, mainly there are two types. Mill applied, the protection is baked into the fibers during the manufacturing process. Post cleaning applied to carpets after cleaning with a hand sprayer,you will not see, feel or taste. it. How often should the product be reapplied? Each time you have your carpet professionally cleaned, or about every six months. In high traffic areas where shoes are worn or children and pets running through it may need to be reapplied more often.

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