Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Many individuals and families throughout Orange County are often perplexed by who they should hire and what method should be used to clean their carpets. Quite a few people believe that they can efficiently clean their carpets themselves. I listed below a few factors that you should consider before deciding on who to hire or trying to do it yourself.


The first factor is the experience of a professional. It’s obvious; professionals are much more experienced than home owners, as it is their profession. They have worked on a wide variety of carpet cleaning related situations in many environments. They have worked on a wide array of problems, stains and types of carpets hence; they have the ability to optimize solutions to completely remove stains, dirt, and get your carpet looking as new as possible.


Carbonated Dry Cleaning, Bonnet Cleaning, Shampooing, Dry Powder Cleaning, HWE (Hot Water Extraction), Portable Cleaning, Truck mount Cleaning, and Truck mount Steam Cleaning are all methods of carpet cleaning. With all these methods no wonder it’s confusing.  Here’s the bottom line to it all.  The less water you use and the lower temperature the solution the more “mistake proof” the method but also the less effective the method. 


We are a Truck Mounted Hydra Steam Company.  We have very powerful blowers and pumps that run by huge utility engines (not small lawn mower engines). We do not try to heat the solution from the engine exhaust. We have invested it large powerful propane on demand heaters which gives us a much higher and consistent temperature when we clean your carpet.  Hot water is fine for taking a bath or washing your clothes but not to clean carpet that you walk on, spill on and traffic on. Unlike your clothes it doesn’t get washed every time you use it. That is why we use 260 degrees or more to get your carpet as clean as humanly possible.


By calling MJM Carpet Cleaning service you save time, money and effort. MJM Capet Cleaning will perform the work and take care of every aspect related to delivering our highest quality. If you have any questions on methods, equipment or chemicals please give us a call 800-611-7871.