Are Carpet Cleaner Discount Coupons Worth It? | Irvine

Are Carpet Cleaner Discount Coupons Worth It? | Irvine

There is a time when we all need carpet cleaning. You come across an ad that promises a great deal for less money than all the other ones. Most likely, you may find a “Carpet Cleaning” coupon for $9.99 per room, or any other price under that amount like $24.99 for three rooms. You call the number (I can’t say company) and they come to do the work, but the surprise comes at the end.  You are given the invoice and its a great deal more money than you were promised in the ad.  Additional charges such as: Pre-conditioning, “dual process treatment”,  “high traffic area fee” and if you have a pet “necessary pre-treatment for odor fee and stain fee”.

They will try to make you believe that your carpet would be ruined if they had not applied all the above, if try to argue, they will say that the advertised price did not include chemicals that your carpet obviously needed. All the terms listed above should be included in the service to have effective cleaning which you will find with a reputable company. Do you think a qualified technician working for a reputable company can drive to your house, use top of the line equipment, chemicals, gas, vehicle expense and spend a minimum hour and a half of his day for $50.00? In which he will likely get only a small percentage of. When all is said and done, if the job was done right the poor technician might have made $5.00 – $7.00 for his hour and a half work (the company that sent him needs their cut before the technicians). After you pay all the extras that they say you need and whatever else they dream up you could be paying up to $65.00 per room and even at this price would you really trust the individual? Where is the deal in that?

The television show 20/20 has had many shows on how these unscrupulous company’s work and how the innocent consumer is taken advantage of.  So when you are ready for carpet or upholstery cleaning call a reputable company, forget the coupons and discounts remember… 


With MJM Carpet Cleaning and their Certified Technicians you are getting 40 years of experience. NO COUPONS, DISCOUNTS, BAIT & SWITCH OR SCAMS. 

To have your carpets professionally cleaned call MJM Carpet Cleaning at 800-611-7871. Or visit us at our website

MJM Carpet Cleaning proudly serves Brea, Fullerton, Placentia, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Irvine and all surrounding cities.





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